Power-up your cloud security competencies

Find out all the benefits you can get

24/7 Access to Shield Response Team (SRT)

You will have access to a 24/7 SRT for assistance,  management and mitigation during an attack.

Quarterly Security Report

AWS will send you a quarterly security report, stating all relevant security aspects and intended attacks.

Global Threat Environment Dashboard

You will have access to the Global threat environment dashboard, with an anonymized and sampled view of all DDoS attacks seen on AWS within the last 2 weeks.

Cost Protection for Scaling

Cost protection for scaling protects your AWS bill against higher fees due to usage spikes from protected resources during a DDoS attack.

The rapid adoption of cloud services, along with a growing number of cloud infrastructure and platform services, has created an explosion of complexity and unmanaged risk.

Javier Tavera Operations & Product Manager, Enimbos